This whole world is a lie. My existence in this world, count that as a lie. Trying to act someone I’m not, trying to fit in to society. Even though I don’t want to, I have to. In this era, we are not humans anymore, yet we are more like robots. Everything we do is almost the same as the person next to us. Our cellphones- the ones that we’re supposed to control -are now controlling us, and the 80% of us who are not smart enough or not smarter than are trapped in their hands. We have become their slaves.

“Like this status, and save this child.” What would a single click on a post do? We’re not donating anything yet our energy, a tiny bit of energy. Sure, without watching any TV and by just scrolling through Twitter, we still get the news that’s on every morning, afternoon, evening, and night. But, there’s also many fake news around the internet. People sometimes make things up to get attention, to achieve those ‘extra likes’ and ‘extra comments’ to please them. People like us also happen to read those posts and believe the contents.

Next, sharing photos. I, too, like to post a few of my photos to share my precious moments with the world. There are many people on the internet, pretty people, and some internet users can stalk them and use their pictures for things I’d hate to say here. It doesn’t have to be women who wear short clothes, women like me could be a target. Be careful of what you post.
Don’t lie about your appearance. Many photos floating around social media is full of edited pictures. Yes, you want to look your best in the picture, but don’t try so hard to change the beauty that you already show. If there are still people who judge by how you look, let them be.
And, photos. Many photos on the internet, especially celebrity pics. Don’t they know that 12 year olds are trying diets because of your bodies? They are worshiping your thigh gaps and slim belly. But, no one knows how that picture of you is actually Photoshop-ed. Those girls won’t accept the fact that every single thing in this world is a complete lie.
The make-up on your face, lie. The hair on your head, which is a wig, lie. The clothes on your body, lies.
They live up to your lies, and their own children do so, too.

Just try and adapt to this ‘lying’ world, and well, survive while you’re at it.

P.S, don’t lie.


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