My head, it hurts. My nose, even worse. I’m still lying on my bed and it’s already 6 AM.
“What about school?” I ask to myself.
Yeah, should probably get some rest. Get rid of whatever’s disturbing my brain until I can concentrate again and go back to studying.
But what if I’m tired, too tired of resting?
I just lie down and think about things. Things that’ll just stick to my mind and never break free. I can’t express those abstract feelings, since I lack at speaking to people. I also don’t have any motivation to write it down, my fingers already hurt from writing sentences to paragraphs of words.

But, does anyone even care that i’m ill? Obviously not. Why, I look as fresh as a daisy. Good to go.
Even though I’m suffering inside.

“What’s the point of it?” I said.

My frequent headaches sicken me. I’m tired all the time. Things that had to be done end up being in an unfinished state.
Eyes tired and dry, can’t look up to the light. “Ah, should I wear glasses?” of course no.

I haven’t ate in hours, I lost my appetite. I’m losing weight but I feel that it’s wrong. But haven’t I always wanted a pretty body?

Too tired of being sick, I lay in bed for hours, hoping that it’ll magically disappear. Well, my parents are already bored of taking me to the doctor, I might as well hold it in.

And hope for the best.


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