Something that can’t be explained
A word to express weirdness
Just as the lights have faded
My life becomes more of a mess

Shadows of me suddenly appear
Quickly spread out then come back near
Into the realm of my mind they disappear
It is crazy how I call all of this ‘fear’

Dark, cold, lost somewhere out there
Tall trees of knowledge shelter me
But I honestly catch nothing but air
As the words fly off of the book, freely

How is this supposed to be a poem?
I do not understand clearly
This is absolutely abstract
Breaking the rules and such

Let me break free from reality
Take off the chains that keep me from dreaming
Why won’t everyone let me be me?
If only that’d happen I’d keep on believing

Until I finish this race successfully
Just watch as I change slowly
And finally turn out to be
A person that is absurd-free


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