“My head hurts”
The same three words that I always say
Same as “I have a headache”
or “Feeling sick right now”

Pain trying to kill me slowly
Can’t concentrate, can’t focus
Lights that were shining are now fading
Complete darkness surrounds me

Until my legs fall down
Until my head flies off
I’ll keep on running
Because that’s the only thing I’m capable of

Besides putting my hands side by side
Facing my palms towards the sky
Praying to god, wishing that my problems will finally end
Tears drop from both of my eyes

My scores fall rock bottom
I don’t understand anything that I’ve written
As I read the questions on the paper
Words by words fade away

They run, somewhere far
Suddenly all of them disappear from the sheet
Then I start to move my own feet
I run, I chase those words to the end

Even though I’m able to catch them
Even though I end up holding them close
None of the words help me
And my score just stays the same

Run. Run. Run.


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