In The Mood For Nothing

One full semester has passed and now I’m ready to enjoy the one and a half week of holiday that my school will give. What a fair school, giving me a vacation that won’t even last for half a month. Can I still call it a break? Well, the only thing that’s breaking is my heart from not getting enough sleep.

I guess I won’t have fun to the fullest this time. I realize that even now I’m almost getting my report card, I still have assignments to do and other tasks that can’t be ignored. So, this is what you call “high school”, eh?

Here I am, laying on my bed doing nothing but watching videos, checking messages and scrolling up and down on the timeline. What a splendid vacay.
My friends are at school, doing nothing but hanging out. Some decide to go to the mall and go watch a movie, some eat at a fancy restaurant. Some play football while the others cheer on for them.
I don’t like those types of activities. It’ll waste my energy. That probably also means that I’m lazy af this year, but hey…it’s the end of 2015! Let me hang around in my bed doing nothing but sleep all day! I need a rest from all of this year’s tiring events..

I wish I could join them though..but I just feel like I need sleep. To rest my body. Kind of sucks how on a super short holiday like this, God is kind enough to give me an illness like flu. No, not regular flu where you can still stand up and continue doing your daily activities. This particular flu pulls me to the bed and tells me to shut down my system in order to clear it all. Yeah, I can’t go anywhere with this headache of mine, let alone do anything in the house. I only leave my bed to eat, drink medicine, use the bathroom, and pray.

Maybe God has better plans in the future for me, maybe a healthier, more active and productive body of mine in 2016. But for now, I’ll just lay down and pray for the best.

Have a happy holiday, and a happy new year.


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