You used to be a complete stranger. Even though Rei told me many times about how you’re a computer geek and can hack stuff- I only had that one vision of you. That you’re like all the other stereotypical “geeks”.

Glasses. Neat uniform. Slick combed hair. Braces. Brings books everywhere.

But no, you’re not even close to whatever was in my insane imagination.

Glasses, you wear them. Whenever you wear them, your eyes look as tiny as an ant. But as you remove them, you show your big sparkly eyes to the world. Your beautiful eyes inspire me, and it’s strange how you rarely show me them.

Neat uniform, yes. Your buttons are always buttoned up to the top. You never forget your tie and belt. Just like the good boy you are.

But your hair…it’s magical.
It’s fluffy, just like cotton candy. I just love how you ruffle your hair and it softly lands back on your forehead without a sound.
It smells like a meadow of freshly bloomed flowers. What shampoo do you use?

Well, you weren’t much when I first met you…but you’ve certainly changed after these few months, right?

I know you’re a fanatic of everything WW2 related, and you happen to be a gamer too. Steam, guns, bla bla bla. All of those things I’m not interested in. Nevertheless, we have always somehow found a topic to talk about..which is weirdly amusing.

Yes..we don’t speak English at school when we talk in class (besides in English class), but I don’t know why you enjoy talking in English with me when we chat on social media.
Like, out of all of my best friends, you’re the only one who has been this comfortable at speaking a foreign language with me.
It’s special…really special for me….(since I love ranting in English, because it’s not that fun for me to do it with my mother tongue)

You’re weird. You’re my type of weird.

We got closer and closer everyday. 가까이
Your name; Kakai. It literally means closer in Korean, a word than I constantly stumble upon in my favourite songs.

And I’m only hoping that we never get separated, and just keep getting closer. Just like what your name perfectly means.

“Let everyone know what you are…but keep the surprises for the right time” – 2015


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