Early 2016 playlist

//istg i really don’t want to write this but i’m doing it since i found REALLY cool songs this month and thought about listing it//

! and as always, i have a random music taste !

  1. fools – troye sivan
  2. youth – troye sivan
  3. heart hope – oh wonder
  4. technicolor beat – oh wonder
  5. without you – oh wonder
  6. me you – san e & yerin baek
  7. across the universe – yerin baek
  8. you & me – kisum
  9. two one two – urban zakapa
  10. sweater weather – the neighbourhood
  11. heart attack – aoa
  12. hot pink – exid
  13. paradox – dried cassava
  14. the boat song – set sail
  15. love toxic – royal pirates
  16. when where what how – park kyung (block b)
  17. don’t let me fall – lenka
  18. rain – taeyeon
  19. aoi shiroi – galileo galilei
  20. monster – bigbang

so..I’m also going to write a review of some of my current fav songs…

– youth (troye sivan)
this song is everywhere now. not even kidding.
I listen to this song everyday and not everyone knows about it…and BOOM it appears on the local radio that everyone listens to.
so, I’m actually quite proud about troye debuting on the radio list.
the song itself is perfect; the lyrics, the beat. my favourite part of them all is “..and when the lights start flashing like a photobooth, and the stars exploding we’ll be fireproof.” really describes the word ‘youth’.

– don’t let me fall (lenka)
this song has been around for a while but I started listening to it again, since I absolutely love songs with a delicate feeling like this one. almost like a serene lullaby, this song captures my heart and carries it around a meadow of soft-scented flowers.
↑ accurate af.
fav line : “…underneath the moon, underneath the stars, here’s a little heart for you…up above the world, up above it all, here’s a hand to hold on to,”

– me you (san e & yerin baek)
I love this song. it’s cute, upbeat, the music video is better! perfectly describes the feeling of being with the person you like. that anxious and hearts beating fast kind of song.
fav line? the whole song is my fave line, ugh.

– rain (taeyeon)
don’t even need to say anything for this. bravo.
p.s : i recommend listening to “I” also by taeyeon. and watch the MV too!

– the boat song (set sail)
I found this as a soundtrack for a youtube baking video (shows you how addicted I am to youtube huh), and I fell in love with the guitar, and lyrics. I just basically love songs for 3 main points : lyrics, beat, harmony. this song nailed it!!
*also kind of reminded me of the film “spud” (and troye sivan 😍😍😍)

– paradox (dried cassava)
I stumbled upon this song thanks to my senior who happens to love indie songs. the band’s name also catched my attention. dried cassava, seriously? and it’s really interesting that they have been singing since 2005, yet I just found out in 2016. nice.
anyway, the song’s guitar is also beautiful…and the lyrics (there’s a slight grammar error but I won’t be the grammar nazi that I am and correct them…since the song is already recorded and I can’t change that) but overall….the best song you could listen to whilst enjoying a cup of tea and your fav novel! Have fun!


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