You’re always popping in my mind.

It’s annoying, the way you dominate my thoughts and make me think more of you than anything else in the world.

Your cute face, I adore. The way your eyes close and your smile widens as you laugh at the stupid jokes I make.
It’s ridiculously making me blush.

When you play the guitar, the noise calms me so. Your delicate fingers strum the guitar strings lightly and creates a perfect melody for my ears.
Like a serene lullaby.

And when you’re not around? I miss you. I seriously want to meet you.
I need to spend the day with you.
I’m crazy for you.

But you’re not crazy for me.

I’m jealous when you’re with others.
I know that my ego is large. You could say that I’m possesive, I only want you for myself.
Not only jealousy, I’m envious because you seem to hang out with lots of people…and I obviously can’t do that.

I love you.
However, I can’t say that. I’m not brave enough. I don’t even know how I feel.
Is this “love” even legit?
Are people considered normal for liking their best friend?

Sure, it could be normal. Then we wouldn’t even be best friends anymore, right?


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