Things I hate (part 1/~)

It’s not surprising how all humans have at lease one aspect in life that they despise.
But for me, I have lots.

1. Mosquitoes
I know, I know. I’m not the only hater. All humans are allergic to their spit. Our skins turn red and feel itchy because of them.
But I hate them more than everyone else.
My skin is super sensitive so I feel more attacked than other people’s skin.
For the record, my legs and arms already have countless scars that somehow won’t fade away, despite the many methods that I try.

2. Cigarette smoke.
The worst. I’m glad that my parents don’t smoke, and well some of my uncles do but at least they do it outside.
I’m talking about the smokers who just happen to do their business wherever they please.
Do you know how many people die because of the substances that are in that one cigarette?
Lots of innocent people die, rather than the smoker themself.
Some of my classmates actually smoke and when I knew that, I was furious. But, I can’t stop them. They should know.

3. Trousers
Not that I’m an anti-fan of them, I just dislike wearing trousers.
I did like them but now I just can’t find a pair that doesn’t make me look either short or like a slut.
My body type is weird, especially the shape of my legs.
My thighs are huge but my legs are just so. My waist is fine and my hips are wide.
Each time I find trousers that fit my hips, they’re too wide for the legs area.
And when I find a smaller size, they don’t fit up to my thighs.
(( So that’s why wearing a skirt is much better )))
But that’s not my point.
I just hate how fashion just categorizes sizes like S, M, L, XL. Or we know sizes like “skinny”, size-plus”. How about me? I’m no where near skinny and I’m also not a size-plus.
I’m kinda in the middle.
Skinny’s way too small for me and size-plus is too big for me. Then what the heck am I supposed to wear?
Well, normally people as short as I am have small bodies and don’t weigh a lot so they can easily find clothes.
I’m a 155cm girl and I way ~50kg which is weird considering the fact that most of my friends are ~45kg, and the ~160cm girls are also < 50kg.
Yes, I’m fat.
I usually try to not care but since wearing trousers are painful for me know, I’m trying to persuade myself into exercising for once.
((( I only have 1 pair of jeans that fit the best, and I have 1 pair of training pants )))

I have more things to rant about but I’m super duper tired and my trousers are ripped by accident and I hope that I arrive home quickly.


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