Things I hate (3/~)

Losing my pens. pencils. EVERYTHING.


Yes, it’s a legitimate problem happening. Not only to me, but I guess everyone.

And people usually just buy a new pen or a new pencil without bothering that that person hasn’t returned it yet but I can’t do the same.

Not just losing, I just recently bought a new binder BUT THE SCREW BROKE. Sure, it was a good binder, I thought it would last ’til senior year but it just didn’t make a week anyway. It wasn’t cheap either – I think it was Rp57.000 and yeah that IS a lot.

Back to pens and what not, yeah I just bought 2 new pens AND THE NEXT DAY THEY VANISHED. I’m really worried that a robber actually lives in my class. I know, those 2 pens weren’t expensive BUT PLEASE.


so yeah that’s it for my rant lol i have a maths test tomorrow yay YAY Y AAA YYAYAYAY 😦


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