Things I hate (4/~)

i know, i recently posted  “things i hate (3/~)” but heyya it’s september already and that means i’m allowed to do another part of the damn “things i hate” series without looking so desperate and posting > once a month lol

p.s : i’m lazy to type correctly like with an upper-case at the beginning of the sentence, etc. plus, my keyboard is already like this haha i don’t use the auto-capitalisation option on my keyboard settings, and a few of my friends also don’t lol idk why.


so, what has gotten me into a state of hatrid this month?

it is just september 2nd, nothing much happened yet, right? the start of a new fresh month, i thought. and i remembered that september 3rd existed. it has always existed every single year but for some reason i just want it to pass by fast this year.

so for privacy reasons (but damn anyone from my school who reads this should automatically know what i mean), i will call this event “PSP” and this PSP event is a competition for junior high school kids around the province to compete against each other, and this year we have (idk the english for this lol) lkbb tongkat. like “walking with a stick but there’s so many rules to it that even i wouldn’t try so i don’t know why there are people who do it”. yes, that was an accurate translation of it.

we have made the commitee even before ramadhan and we “worked” throughout the summer holiday (since ‘dry season holiday’ aint fun at all). we also had a bukber together (and like i mentioned in “things i hate (2/~) i HATE bukber(s), also since this one had a meeting as well and i was already sleepy af. and well, there was some progress of this PSP event but yeah the people that actually work can be counted by our own fingers. ya itu-itu lagi, is what i mean. cos tbh i’m a ‘sie.acara’ (whatever that is in english, r.i.p nadia’s english smh) and i got NO JOBS damn i don’t know what the rundown’s like, i ALWAYS fall asleep in ALL meetings cos it’s too boring, too tense (but how tf do i end up sleeping then), and there’s too many critics ugh. plus, i ask if i need to do anything but those 3 musketeers always work by themselves. i don’t know if that’s considered selfish or they just don’t want me to be tired or they don’t see the potential in me and “oh you’re a junior, you shouldn’t work too hard”. but guess what, senpais YOU GUYS ARE 12TH GRADERS and you should know better ugh UN IS AROUND THE CORNER GUYS. i’m not trying to be gabut and sekedar numpang nama but YEAH SO WHAT IF I DON’T GET A CERTIFICATE? i’ll still go to the top universities in indo lol. and what’s worse about this stupid event is the juniors get to be L.O (s) (which is liason officer for you guys who are too lazy to search for it), YET MY NAME AINT THERE DAMN. THOSE KIDS AINT GOT 1 YEAR HERE AND ugh i give up. and when my friend asked what i got, they said i am the coordinatior of the L.O(s) AND HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE when i don’t even go to meetings and each time i actually go NO ONE NEEDS ME and people say “tumben rapat nad” napa klo gua rapat hah? gaboleh? gua bukan panitia kah? gua manusia aneh yang tau-tau dateng dan lu seenaknya bilang “tumben rapat nad” BECAUSE I JUST.

i’m sorry that has been enough caps lock for one post. just kidding.


like do you even know how messed up my school scout club is? well the members aren’t but the system is DAMN IT. and we can’t change it cos duh we gotta stay by the rules.

the teachers don’t let us have dispensation yet they allow us to sleep at school and prepare? like? how effective would it be to do all that at night? us students are already exhausted after a full day of school from 6.30 – 15.15 and yet you still need us to get everything ready for tomorrow by this night? it’s dumb. how everything JUST happened in d-1. what perfect preparation. dari kemaren kemana aja ya mas, mbak?

i shouldn’t be the one to judge cos i haven’t really done anything besides actually being in the meeting and trying to join in with the busy senpais but i never get noticed damn and well i got a job but they did my job for me damn again so yeah gua udah bukan panitia gabut judulnya tapi ya bukan panitia juga. so why tf did i stay until 8 o’clock at school I STAYED FOR SO LONG FOR NOTHING DAMN SON

i’m done, this is a long long post and i’ve been wanting to post this cos i’m tired of the shit i need to face every day and wow i can’t wait to be a bantara LIKE EVER

and thanks for your advice, kai (a.k.a my best friend) yeah i will quit pramuka after this event. i’m done. i’ll even ask my parents to make a letter if that’s ever needed. and i’m really sorry for my wonderful X MIA 4 kouhais (even though you guys still talk about how funny my push-ups are WOI GA LUCU TAU) huhu mama loves ya but you guys should stay safe from the scary af “juru adat” and make sure papa adri doesn’t mess up 😢😢😢😢 yeah i will miss adri even though i kinda hate him but he still cooperates with me yay thanks for being my partner and being patient for my weirdness.

and yeah if you happen to read this and you are in fact an ambalan member, i’m sorry from the bottom of my heart because i truly feel like this. i feel missed out, ignored, “gabut” if that’s even true. i try and help but duh i guess i can’t go on then.

makasih ya pramuka, yang udah ngajarin gua gimana cara disiplin dari SD sampe SMA cuma kampretnya adalah materi ora ada dan main-main doang kayak bocah gak jelas dan gua bener-bener gak pernah ngisi SKU tau-tau udah jadi dewan galang aja because bruh that’s how life happens and cheat codes exist but i guess we can’t always use them to win life, huh? lol but yeah that’s my life about scouts and what not and i never intended to join the scouts club in high school but i was brought in and lol why not tho everyone seems niCE EVERYONE IS NICE but damn we waste too much time and the teachers and kakak-kakak are too strict and nag a LOT, more than my mom and i really hate it COS THAT AINT HOW PRAMUKA’S SUPPOSED TO ROLL.






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