I honestly don’t know how to spend my holidays.

Studying isn’t an option even though I really want to. I just never have the mood to.

And house chores. It’s a must – I can’t back away from it. Well, hello to the full laundry bins awaiting for days.

Watching K-Drama has been my activity since yesterday but since school starts again on Tuesday I guess I gotta finish the drama series or I’ll have to postpone it until the end-term holidays.
But I’ll forget that I’ve ever watched it in the first place.

I was sick a few days ago, and I’m currently recovering. But I’m still sick inside. I don’t know how people give me such energizing and strong words to live for yet I stay in my shell and not move a bit.

I also have a lot of problems and people just keep adding more to my list.


I don’t know how I became like this.

I honestly need to stop.


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