So-not-appropriate September playlist

cos i know i’m currently in need of posting random posts for this random blog of mine. 
so. i love music, duh you guys already figured that out since forever

and this month’s list of catchy tunes are~

1. kungs vs cookin’ on 3 burners – this girl. i heard this on a local radio and i first thought that it wasn’t an english song (and actually french), but turns out that the band (cookin’ on 3 burners) are in fact aussies and kungs is a DJ and they collabed to re-record the hit song. nice move. 

2. jin (BTS)  –  it’s my truth (tbh this is from the WINGS short movie – #7 AWAKE, since BTS hasn’t officially released this track BUT JIN’S VOICE IS GOLD) 

3. tanizawa tomofumi – sawakaze. the 2nd opening of kimi ni todoke (a.k.a one of my most precious anime). this song truly gives me happy vibes. seperti semilir angin #ea

4. the chainsmokers (ft. halsey)  –  closer. MY LOVE. the beat is subtle and just a lullaby to me. plus, a recent accomplishment. i got 97 on my geography test whilst repeating this song wow what a surprise. plus plus, i love the chainsmokers who tried singing in this track (since they’re DJs, and vocals aren’t everyone’s cup of tea), and i absolutely hate the netizens that comment on how bad his voice is. much respect for them singing live at VMAs!! 😄😄

5. IU (ft. jang yi jeong)  –  friday.  i’m sorry lol i write this song in all playlists DON’T YA GET IT. I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. it’s catchy, light, and can be sung anytime! (despite being named ‘friday’) 

6. martin garrix & bebe rexha – in the name of love. i LOVE THIS SONG. bebe rexha’s vocals are lit and martin garrix’s beat is dope i cri evrytiem :’)  and this song gets played in my class A LOT

7. major lazer (ft justin bieber and mo) – cold water. yeah it’s a cool song. i do enjoy it but sometimes i’m bored listening haha

8. maudy ayunda – tahu diri. REPRESENTS MY FEELS. 

9. DEAN –  D (half moon). i listen to this so much but i never got the chance to cover it AH. 

10. heize (ft. DEAN, DJ friz) – and july. BUT ITS SEPTEMBER NOW LOL but seriously this song is catchy and the m/v is CUTE BLESS HEIZE X DEAN. shut up and groove is also a fun song… 

11. red velvet – russian roulette. ITS FUN I SWEAR. THE M/V IS SUPER DUPER COLOURFUL.  

so that’s it for my so-not-appropriate september playlist, cos it aint the time to be writing song reccomendations now. I HAVE MATHS TOMORROW HAHAHA DON’T I HAVE MATHS EVERYDAY? 

bye love ya xx


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