a/n : yha sembari menunggu loading situs kimia kesukaanku yang ternyata lebih lemot dibanding wordpress (wah luar biasa ya) dan maaf bila saya terlalu sering nulis a/n AHAHAH i tend to have many notes
what are scars? 

first of all, i don’t know what the definiton is but they have been close friends with me throughout my life. well maybe close “enemies”.

for 16 years,  i have been occupied by thousands of mosquitoes and as a result my feet and arms are covered with tons of dark spots. and do you think i enjoy this? 


i never really minded but now that i see my friends with beautiful clean legs and some successful korean artists to top that up- yes, it does bother me. 

not that anyone can see my legs, cos i wear a long skirt and long sleeves everyday to school. 

but still, it does annoy me that i have to see those legs and arms everytime i shower. everytime i change my clothes. every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year. surrounded by scars.

not just physical scars, but emotional scars too. 

yes i tend to make fun of myself and feel depressed cos i fail at certain things that i consider as a ‘simple task’, or when i don’t achieve results that i want. et cetera. 

so yes, i will continue living with these scars.

looking at them with my eyes, feeling them with my soul. 

because scars will fade away, but they’ll always have something left of them to remind us. 

get ready for more scars. 


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