Complains, again.

yeah, i complain a lot and it’s starting to get on my nerves. 

#1 – 꿈

until now, i still can’t decide what i want to be in the future. 16 years of living and i’ve had many dreams such as; being a doctor, architect, (art/english) teacher, interior designer, graphic designer, and most recently: planologist. my dad suggested me to take environmental studies but i still don’t quite feel that is my passion. 

#2 – 사랑

i don’t know what love is. besides loving god, family, and close friends i have never really knew how love between me and the opposite gender would feel. like they say in romance novels, every love story has a happy ending. well i’m still in high school so i know i haven’t found my prince charming yet and well i should be busy studying but why aren’t i? 

#3 – 병의

yes, this has came up many times. i pray but it seems to stay. it likes living in my body. and even though i say goodbye too many times, it just doesn’t go away. 

more and more scars appear on both my arms and legs. i cough and sneeze tons of times. my headache is supposed to be gone and well it almost is (good news). my eyes, they burn more than they have previously. 
and that’s it. i guess. 

i hate complaining and want to live a peaceful grateful life where i just relax and be calm but for now i just can’t see how i can do so. 


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