i honestly wanted to post something (and its almost the end term exam hhh) 
yui, my inspiration. 
for you manga or anime lovers, you have probably stumbled upon k-on!, a musical anime which the main character (hirasawa yui) joins the light music club and learns how to play the guitar. 

i have loved her ever since 5th grade and how it looked possible for her to learn how to play an electric guitar without having any musical experience before. 

besides yui-sensei (lol i feel awkward like i should just call her ‘senpai’ or something), i also had a huge crush on demi lovato and jasmine richards in camp rock, also taylor swift – everyone’s fav gal. 

i also dreamt of having a guitar, though i got rejected several times by my mom because she and my dad can’t play the guitar either and can’t teach me. she also stated that i wouldn’t be able to eat for a month to buy that one thing i desperately begged for, but guitars don’t cost that much, right? 

and my dad finally bought me a guitar when i was in 8th grade. it was a classic guitar, it wasn’t gibson, not even yamaha. it was “bello”, a brand i have never even heard of. i was super surprised since it was a guitar after all. 

but studying by myself was challenging and i gave up a lot. since we had music class in 10th grade, i picked up “bello” again and found my spirit to carry on. 

bello; beautiful. that’s what it totally means. 

i didn’t really have a name for her anyway, even so.. i wanted her to have a name. she’s like a dear child to me so i needed to treat her right. 


i’m now naming her yui, since i love the name “yui”  and it’s many meanings including “reason” 

she’s a good reason for me to fight on and never give up on the ups-and-downs in life. 



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