Poems and him.

I have a younger brother that has excellent poetic talent. I’m sure that he has that passion of literature and arts from my mother because his diction is beautiful. 

This is a poem that he wrote for my mother, but he has never gave her directly. Funny story, went back to the dormitory because he brought the wrong book and left that said book with my mother. Then she randomly opened the book and landed on a page with a poem on it. She took a picture of it before my brother finally came back from the dorm.

It’s really touching, and I hope he writes more and more poems both in Bahasa and English because he’s extremly talented in writing; poetry, stories, fanfiction? (he has been translating some light novels from English to Bahasa, but has stopped because he enrolled in a boarding school)

*I purposely attached the picture instead of typing it,  I love his handwriting (it was worse than this but I’m proud that he got better at it)


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