#CookingWithKana – Honey Banana 🍯🍌

i debated with my inner thoughts whether i should post another #CookingWithKana or a Sick 101 (a new series which i invented today) but i guess i’m doing the usuals yay (i’ll still post Sick 101 or a better name if i come up with one, but it won’t explain how to make honey bananas) 

sooooo hey. i finally updated ((after a week or so)) and here’s a step-by-step of how to make honey bananas~

first, you will need honey and bananas (you don’t say) 

siapkan 2 buah pisang, piring, talenan, dan pisau!

lalu, kupas pisangnya yey

setelah itu, potong pisangnya jadi bentuk dadu (atau terserah selera anda)

(( doesn’t quite look like a dice, but getting close to it))

terus… pindahin deh ke piring dan siap-siap dihias

ambil sachet madunya lalu potong bagian pojok, kemudian tuang(?) madunya di atas potongan pisang. yey jadi!!!!!!

*BONUS : TASTE TEST!!!!!!!! ¿¿¿¿¿¿ + face reveal (i’ve done it before but i removed the post lolz) 

p.s : the bananas taste like limes wHY THANK YOU LIME-TASTED HONEY. but tasty cos the honey was a bit sour and the bananas were naturally sweet. good balance 👌


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