Love – hate

A relationship almost everyone has at one point of their life.


#1 – A crush.
They say falling in love is the most beautiful thing in one’s entire life. But I totally disagree. What part of falling is beautiful?
That’s kind of a good reason why someone you fell into is called a “crush”, they’re meant to crush your heart whether you realize it or not.
At first, you love them. You can’t even hold back when they stare at you. The butterflies in your stomach are chaotic, just because that one person.
Then you hate them. You hate how they ignore you without a legit reason. You’re jealous when they talk to their opposite sex and you’d wish they’d know you exist. It’s fine, I know how that feels. (yea rite nad)
But you can never hate them, even though they have their flaws and they piss you off every second, they’re all you have on your mind. I guarantee.

#2 – Best Friends
For starters, they’re like your half. You love them and they love you. The missing puzzle piece that completes you. So everything will always work out, right? Wrong.
This life wouldn’t be a blast without some rollercoaster magic so there’s gotta be some kind of argument between you and your best friend(s). It’s almost impossible that you’ve NEVER hated your best friend, even once.
Unless they really REALLY accept you and are easy-going (but no one is like that seriously)
So… my advice? Talk it out. Sure, you could almost die to even see your crush but your best friend is always there and you’re never wrong to apologize first (even if it’s their fault, you probably made them mad but you don’t know)

#3 – Your body
Despite all of the false advertisements of “ideal body” images and what not, you should accept your body even so.
Sure, it’s harder than you think. You try to love how you look but people comment like it’s that easy to change in a night, which can make you drastically change about how you feel. Nevertheless, keep being positive and don’t let people make you them. You make you, you! (tbh this probably makes no sense but yea rite whatevs)

#4 – School
Duh we go there 5/7 days of the week (and some even 6/7 lol preach)
I have no regret. My school is like the best damn school you’d ever find. Dude we have an indoor sport hall now????? Anyway, love… yeah I love getting good scores and cool friends and extracurriculars and all. Hate? Bad scores HAHAHHAHA like if I didn’t study then I don’t mind it’s my fault but if I did and probably pulled an all-nighter? AND STILL FAILED? *facepalm*
Yeah it’s fine. I love studying but I hate how my scores are so u g h
Even though people say if we go to school to find a good score then we just shouldn’t go and the school wants us to get > 80 when we study, do the test right but still get below like BRUH. WHERE DID I GO WRONG ಠ_ಠ
but yea i should stob b4 i eXpl0de

aaaAaaaAAAnd that’s it for my short (is this a rant? i wish it was GOD WHAT A WEEK its not even a week its monday BUT IT ALREADY FEELS LIKE A WEEK) post and i know i’ve been off lately BUT I SWEAR im seriously gonna work on my novel (i challenged myself to join a novel competition, a national one. so yeah hope that works out aamiin)

thanks so sooo much for reading because every second counts. i never ask for likes or shares but i’d highly appreciate if you lead your friends to my website HAHAHA i know its crappy but at least i occupy myself with something.

bye! 👋


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