Stu(dying) 101 : starter pack

i guess you’ll just have to survive it lolz

hey! (i’ve been posting lately cos the seniors are doing the National Exam and we have like four days of holiday, friday is a national holiday, and like 2 saturdays and 2 sundays. bless) 

here’s some pics of ma study starter pack (which clearly can’t compare to the high class studygram/studyblr accs) 

these are my pens! (besides the pink 30cm flexible ruler, small white faber-castell eraser and kenko correction pen (tbh i prefer fluid than tape but some pens just can’t write over fluid ugh nyusahin) 

here are the swatches (i’m too lazy to write all of the names, even though that seriously isn’t a collection to be proud of) 

out of all pens, i love (like really REALLY love) the standard-R6 FINE because it’s light on my fingers, the ink flows well and consistent (not like the candy cc-2373 which stops a while /lol ngadet banget gila ಠ_ಠ) (but the candy pen is erasable WOW teknologi sudah maju bung. plus it doesn’t cost as expensive as the erasable pens in gr*media HAHAHAHA wtf 40k? this is like 2.5k oh great my wallet can breathe)

then second place is the zebra series (i have no 💸💸💸 for the zebra sarasas HAHAHAHAH gembel. but these are pretty cheap and decent). first, the zebra millipen 0.1mm, in purple. gua rada nyesel ya gengs cuma beli ungu cos this pen is SO FREAKING GOOD👌👌 tintanya woi nyata banget!!1 (not like the other sekarat pens i own) also the p.e.n.c.i.l.t.i.c ones that look like pencils but they’re ballpoints. cool, huh? i wanted to buy like a whole pack (with orange, black, dark blue, and any other colour i don’t own yet) but lol i hardly take “colourful” notes i just needed a few pens to keep me sane. (cos b&w notes ugh it’s b o r i n g) 

and stabilo? i used to have this subtle pastel-y pink but it’s empty and for some stupid reason when i went to the new gr*media store (YES that new huge ass building somewhere near A*ON and Q-B*G) i bought this. highlighter, neon-y colour. ah menyesal. i didn’t check the ink first lol but it’s still pink tho i don’t mind a slight difference of shade. (whispers, 50 shades of pink). and the baby blue, the love of my life. i usually use that colour and pink to make the titles of my notes. also with black, cos you can never go wrong with black, right?

oh, and the highlighters? (and the washi swatch i forgot, sorry) (i’m gonna buy more washi and do a review later yay) 

besides the pens and accessories, i have my handy pink scientific calculator. i hardly use it (cos the trigonometry isn’t so hard, we normally use the special angles like 30°, 45°, etc.) but if i end up taking environmental studies or any technic major i will definitely need it.

and this, my purply pink glasses that i love (but i hardly wear lol min 0.5 doang) and the cute blue case that i customized with washi tape (which isn’t available anymore lol, it costs a fortune too) also the monkey cloth that i (ibu gua sih sebenarnya), got free from a study trip to a japanese cloth factory wow (and some testimonies from my friends that have used it, they said that the cloth really makes their lenses clear and free from fingerprints wow much clear so clean must try)

other things i need are my nivea vitamin shake cranberry & raspberry yoghurt-y like lip balm to keep my lips from cracking, a 1.5L lilac bottle of water to keep me hydrated, and snacks a.k.a bread and strawberry milk! 

and here are my (not so cute) notes

excuse ma crappy handwriting

but that’s all for this post, thanks for reading!💞

i hope you can learn something from this HAHAH i haven’t changed much of my stu(dying) routine but i’ll make more of these posts to motivate me!


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