Adolescent April Playlist

cocok buat lo-lo pada yang masih ABG labil (kayak gue) (idih) 

adolescent itu inggrisnya remaja. mungkin kalian kenal dengan istilah ‘adolescent big grown‘ ya? itu artinya remaja gede baru/sudah tumbuh. awal mula adanya ABG guys ternyata ngasal maksimal

lately i’ve been obsessed, i mean seriously obsessed with this dorky boyband – monsta x

(randomly inserts .jpg of them

i actually listened to the clan pt.1 LOST and i fell in love with the guy singing the chorus (yoo kihyun, my savior, and my all) but i did not know any of the member’s names and just liked their songs. and i just found out about their details now like woi telat banget gak sih? but yeah, you won’t regret stanning them! (pls let them win 1st huhuh they freaking deserve it)
((btw fun fact, i can’t decide who my bias is. even if i’m hyungwon biased, kihyun and changkyun freaking wrecks me. damn))

and who are hyungwon, kihyun, and changkyun? 

(randomly inserts .jpg of them




((i can’t believe i’m shamelessly promoting monsta x)) ((oh well this is a music-related post anyway, monsta x is a boyband lol it’s okay))P

and besides my obsession for them, i listen to other songs and discover new tracks to heavily fangirl on – lol. 

and here we go! 

1. monsta x – amen
(mumpung lagi niat nge-review). okay. first, when mx debuted in 2015 i was like “woi ini no more dream banget???” and kinda hated them? like so many boybands debuted in 2015 ga penting gila. so their “bad boy” image like every other south korean boy band got stuck in my mind. and then i stumbled upon this song. holy god. yes! the title even says ‘amen’ lol how more religious can they get? (but i usually substitute the amen with aamiin when singing, duh?)
seriously, i was shocked with this cute, bubbly side of mx like DUDE how are they so so sweet? (even the special clip made me shriek!!1) (chae freaking hyungwon guys, look him up!) (well i have this on my phone, im changkyun in cat ears omg yes how is he real)

2. monsta x – beautiful
they just came back fresh guys don’t sleep on them!!!! they deserve 1st place!!!
(plus 우리 형원니 (re: my hyungwon) (jiaaah my hyungwon, ngarep lo nad) got more lines YES u go boii)
(his too beautiful to handle line got me sHOOK)


monsta x – rush
that naege wa shinsokhi hhhh i’m addicted. the choreo is so so fun and i love the beat. hyungwon’s super hot in the m/v, just watch lol u won’t regret

(sfx : vroom vroom 💨)

4. monsta x – ex-girl
THIS!!!!! is also as sweet as amen. (i also recommend white love and white sugar). it’s with mamamoo’s wheein which counts as a bonus ugh i love. it’s oh so relatable for you lot who has just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend/whoever (lol)

5. monsta x – 5:14 (last page)
this is a very easygoing song. kinda something you’d listen to when you want to sleep, like a lullaby. i absolutely love the violin in the background and that part just makes the song all sweet, and kinda reminds me of B.A.P’s B.A.B.Y (not to mention how this song is the bgm of monsta x’s fIRST MOVIE TRAILER woi ingin duit 💸💸💸) so yeah.

(don’t get mad for my 5 suggestions lol mx is gold

6. vromance – i’m in love
an OST of the current drama i’m crazy for – strong woman do bong soon. i love omg beatnya slow but steady and just a song to listen to when you fall in love with someone. highly recommended!

7. kim chung ha – 두근두근
ya namanya juga deg-deg-an hehehhehh
it’s a cute song, represents a girl falling in love and getting all nervous, palms are sweaty. boys can feel that way too but i just feel this is from a girl’s POV cos the singer is a girl.

8. dewa 19 – risalah cinta (iya sumpah, nostalgia banget gila)
gatau gua jadi keinget live-in gua denger lagu ini terus gua gila sendiri HAHAHHAHAHAHAAH ya kali dinotice doi? 😜

9. ed sheeran – friends
no, no we’re not friends. we could be anything
(whispers : enemies) (ha.)

10. snow patrol – chasing cars
the remedy i need right now 💉💊

11. BTS – I NEED U
sialan masih baper gabisa nonton bangtan tanggal 29 april. udah sold out gileeee the power of indo A.R.M.Y
salut gua salut
but seriously, I NEED U has always been my getaway from this messed up life. it’s a song about frustration and mixed up feelings, and at the end we only need god, the one who’s always there for us. (the chorus is I NEED U GIRL, but no, i need you GOD)

12. Arctic Monkeys – D is For Dangerous
i was obsessed with AM last month, but i still listen to them despite being bombarded with monsta x’s perfectly good music and shows. out of all, 505 and r u mine? are still my ultimate faves but d is for dangerous is really interesting, the guitar, the percussion, and vocals is just w o w.

that’s it for now! have a listen and tell me what you guys think!

don’t forget to stan monsta x thanks


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