Model for Merch

a/n : setelah sekian lama gak nulis fanfic, here ya go.
a/n 2 : this is pure fiction, but kinda based on a true story? ha.
a/n 3 : semua ini fiksi dan karangan sampah, kalo kebetulan ada nama yang salah maaf hehe gak bermaksud /kabur
a/n 4 : enough with the author notes but sorry for my bahasa-english inconsistency.


after that stupid break up between me and my (ex?) best friend
(great, we’re exes now, we weren’t even dating to begin with)
we’re living our own lives, taking care of our own problems.
i guess he’s doing great with his karate master girlfriend and i aint doing better with (my?) pencak silat guru crush (he’s just a crush, damn it. there won’t be any progress)
karena proposal harus dikumpulin, wajib harus kudu mesti fardhu ‘ain di minggu ke-3 april, keempat kelompok di kelas XI-IPA-G ini cepat-cepat menyelesaikan film masing-masing
entah apa yang ada di pikiran gua tapi film gua sepertinya berhasil.
dengan tokoh utama aurora (well she’s the expertise at dramatical stuff) and then azhar as another main protagonist, also me as one of aurora’s girl gang members with chrissy and rika. i still don’t get the purpose of our film but let’s just get this done.
on the other hand, my ex bestie is busy in his own group.

they were in the middle of shooting, it was around 30 degrees celcius outside – scorching hot, right? – and eka decided to buy ice cream. then, sure everyone else joined in on that frosty treat.
they all sat down casually when miranda asked him
“emang lu sama dia kenapa?” damn
“gapapa,” he wasn’t in the mood to talk about the last person he’d wanna see in this entire world.
“seriusan, kayaknya lu serasa kayak mau mati sekelompok dia, sampe bela-belain pindah ke kita,” gabby added.
“ya.. gitulah. ya, ada miskom di antara kita dan jadi berantem terus yaudah.”
“terus, yaudah?” andrea asked.
“yaudah. gitu deh.”
“udah kayak orang pacaran gila surat-suratan, sampe balikin ganci segala.” anna said whilst sucking on that orange-flavoured popsicle.
“dih tau dari mana lu!” cella got curious.
“udah, udah. gausah dibahas lagi, kasian dia,” kiana cared for him. cih, why would you?


“emang lu sama dia kenapa?” adi asked. he too was curious.
“gapapa. emangnya, pas live in kalian ngomongin?”
adi didn’t respond. he picked up his phone which was lying on the burgundy carpet for the last five minutes and ignored me.
“di, seriusan!”
“IYA IYA! bukan gua yang mulai, asli gua nguping!” crap
“terus siapa yang mulai?”
“yaudah intinya cerita dulu lah ya,”
so i told them in the shortest way possible, without getting rid of the details and facts of this ridiculous event.
“ya elah lebay banget gila. banci apa cowok!?!” ex. ac. t. ly.
then, rika (who was still pissed off with the teacher’s pet) kept on complaining and saying that he’s such an asshole.
chrissy didn’t seem as excited as her but she did add a few words


i haven’t talked to him ever since we got mad at each other.
until we had this job from our merch team. great,
“ya, makasih ya dena udah dateng. makasih juga bang farhan sebagai fotografer handal kita kali ini, juga anak-anak fashionizer yang udah siap banget photoshoot.” then what the hell am i doing here!?
patricia and her accel mates didn’t come cos y’know, extra class.
((like why do they even want to sacrifice their pure holidays for studying?)) ((and WHY am i here, watching models take pics instead of sleeping effortlessly at home?))
i stayed quiet and watched the girls take professional shots for our official instagram. again, i repeat, INSTAGRAM
they even decided to make couple pics, why now?
we never knew that the fashionizers had male models lol what a surprise, they recruted the hottest faces of our prestigous school. god bless
first, reza walked in the studio. yes, he was in the same group in our school’s orientation (and now, geography class) as me. but i have never had a crush on him (cos well i hardly meet him, that’s why. he’s clearly not my type.)
but i gotta admit his face is model material (but his height isn’t so much) (well, i guess my school is great cos you don’t have a minimal height for being a model. great. now lemme join)
((just kidding))
then there was agung. agung adrianto. the same dorky agung that clearly never stopped joking in 7th grade – but now he’s like 10x hotter damn help my soul can’t resist
agung joined ira. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that reza (obviously) was zetta’s partner. yeah, the two were close since junior high, like everyone already knows.
then other hotties entered the room and took pics with the models. i just sat and stared.
“maaf gua telat! motor gua mogok tadi!” i heard a familiar voice.
“alasan apaan tuh, nat!” fotografer kita jadi marah kan.
“udah pada pulang woi anak fashion..” dena ikutan
“yaudah individual shoot dulu, partner-nya nanti gampang.” andrew memberikan kaos bertuliskan nama sekolah kita ke model ganteng itu.

sejak kapan dia anak fashion!? bisa gila gua!

so dena went out to get a drink. andrew too.
meanwhile, that hottie just casually stripped and threw his grey shirt somewhere and wore that brand new white tee. our photographer – bang aan – was busy taking care of his camera’s settings, and i tried my very best not to stare at his body.
please, remind me why i’m here.

then dena arrived back with andrew.
“gua kepikiran nih sama andrew,” kata dia. “kenapa?” farhan asked. “gimana kalo modelnya gua aja?” dena took a tee and swung it in the air.
“ah ngimpi lu, den.” farhan laughed.
“ih serius, kapan lagi kan liat ariana grande pake kaos sekolah?”
ah, emang sahabat gua bisa-bisanya ngelawak di waktu seperti ini.
“nathan gapapa kan?” andrew asked the fellow model.
santuy santuy. kapan lagi foto bareng sensei.” kampret
everyone in the room laughed and yes dena does kinda resemble our lovely japanese teacher. she looks more like sensei than sensei’s own child, weird right?

hold that thought, dena got a sudden call from her mom.

“dena pulang sekarang ya, nak.”
“kenapa, ma?”
“udah selesai kan photoshootnya?”
“belom, bentar lagi..”
“bantuin mama sekarang, urgent nih. bisa digantiin aja gak kamu?” “eh.. yaudah yaudah bentar ya aku pesen ojek dulu.”
“kenapa, den?” andrew bertanya.
“gua harus pulang nih, maaf banget.. tadi jaya di luar ada gak?” dena mulai membereskan tasnya.
“masih ada, dia mau pulang.” nathan answered. so apparently he talked a while with his cousin before he arrived. motor mogok, my ass hahaha
“NAH! yaudah gua nebeng ah, gak sempet mesen ojek. maaf ya, urgent banget!”
“yah yaudah,  nat, gimana? udah pada pulang modelnya..” andrew looked disappointed, not as disappointed as nathan though.
“nana aja, drew.” the photographer spoke.
“nana jadi partnernya nathan, drew.”
“oh iya ya Allah, kasian bener lu na. sekretaris ngegabut dari jam 7 pagi sampe 3 sore. udah kelar surat-suratnya?”
“dari tadi, drew.” i stared straight at him ಠ_ಠ 

like i’m not even a morning person, no one is, naturally.
why am i even here? i sacrificed my morning rutine (sleeping and the usual korean drama) just to watch pretty girls take pics. and i do what? type letters and crap? wow i love my job as a secretary.

“ya, gapapa sih. udah pada pulang tapi, lo ngerti make-up gak?”
“yah, ga se-ngerti dena sih but i’ll try and make my face decent enough.” i said.
“semoga aja muka gua pantes terpampang di instagram kita, mengingat muka gua pas-pas-an.”
andrew grabbed a tee and a snapback.
“thanks banget na udah nyelamatin nyawa kita.”
anjas. nyawa?  hahaha tugas gua surat-menyurat aja kayak bocah SMP lagi PDKT.

ya, gak ada salahnya nge-model. bersama. dia. 
“nathan gapapa, kan?” our photographer smirked a bit, at an angle nathan hated.
“santuy santuy” he said in a different tone.
“kapan lagi foto sama doi?” farhan felt so glad he said that. nathan gave a sharp stare at farhan, he said nothing but the room’s temperature suddenly felt like it raised.
so i changed behind the lockers, and they chatted away.
i don’t know what boys talk about besides games, motors, cars, and.. girls?
so yeah i’m done changing (for a good 2 minutes) (unlike our model nathan who only took like 30 seconds tops, but took another 5 minutes just to admire himself at the mirror)

“oke siap ya!” i’ve never modelled in my whole 16 years of living.
i can’t even take a decent selfie, let alone be a model for our school like that.
so yes. it’s not an individual shot, its a couple shot. i repeat, a couple shot.
((gua ngapain sampe pantes dapet ini, ya Allah))
ternyata setelah itu gua ada beberapa individual shot juga.
and our photographer was really professional. the lighting, angles and all was perfect. he wasn’t mad at me and even though he did critic a few poses of mine but i got through.

“aan, balik bareng gua yak!” andrew insisted.
“rumah lu dimana sih?”
“ciputat situ lah, searah kan kita?”
so they went together.
“kunci studio kasih mang udin aja, nat! dia di depan tadi beli ketoprak!” our photographer smiled and waved at us too
smirking, again. asshole. how dare he leave me and this man, alone!?
“iya iya sip!”

i took my jet black laptop and shoved it in my (also) jet black leather bag.
he took that tee off (cos duh who’d wear that without feeling totally embarrassed?) and put on his grey tee again. he threw that used tee at me.
of course i couldn’t answer him, let alone stay sane at that moment.
“buat lu,” he said.
“buat apaan? keset? lucu kali.”
his face changed as fast as my heart beated.
“ya dipake lah! kalo buat keset juga ngapain gua pake, keringet gua mahal!” buset
“haha makasih ya.” i never knew he had an ugly sense of humor
((but the fact that i laugh at each and every joke of his – without an exception – is far more uglier))
while neatly folding the precious tee and carefully putting it in my bag, he asked “lu balik sama siapa?”
i answered, “ya siapa lagi, gak ada siapa-siapa disini.”
“sejak kapan gua ngajak pulang?” ooo
“gua ga bilang gua mau pulang bareng lu,”
“barusan apa?” haha
“iya iya maaf.” haha (2)
“yaudah gapapa bareng aja, kasian gua liat lu udah dari tadi diem doang ngeliatin yang foto, ngetik-ngetik di laptop. pasti capek.”
“nggak ah, biasa aja.” sok tahu lo nat.
“yaudah, jalan kaki bisa ya?” setan.
he turned his motorcycle on and it worked perfectly. wait.
wait a second,
“kata lu, motor lu mogok? apaan gila itu nyala dengan sempurna!”
“iya, mogok. kemaren sore.” licik juga!
“nathaniel tedjokusumaaa!!!!!!” i ran for him while screaming his full name to the skies. he slowed his rusty 1986-limited-edition motorcycle down and waited for me to hop on.
“ngomong-ngomong, lu tadi pagi bangun jam berapa?” i asked, hoping he’d hear me despite the noisy sound of wind blowing us.
“gatau, lupa.” heh kebo
“makanya jangan begadang nonton bola!”
“siapa juga yang begadang nonton bola? kemaren malem gua sibuk bantu bapak gua!” bohong.
“bantu ngapain?”
“ngabisin kacang, hehe. dia nonton bola ninggalin kacang segepok, mubazir kan gak dimakan?”
“tapi ujung-ujungnya nonton juga lu!”
“iya, ya? hahaha”
that’s why i love him.
he’s actually awkward, at least when there are people around us. he tries to get away from me, so people won’t talk about us. so he won’t get teased at. so he doesn’t have to show me how red his face can get.
but when it’s just the two of us, he can get closer than i’d ever dream of.

then he just remembered something.
“kuncinya belom gua kasih mang udin!”
so we went back to the studio and met mang udin. we stopped by at the ketoprak place, he looked hungry, that’s why.
“makan dulu ah,” he said while rubbing his tummy.
“gua skip, gua gak laper.” i just sat at the table and stared at him.
“dih siapa yang ngajak lu?” ha
“oh yaudah gua pulang ya,” i pretended to be mad. i held his precious baby and hopped on. (even though i had no idea how to turn it on)
“eh eh jangan! motor gua rusak ntar!”
“ntar mogok lagi ya?”
“iya iya, udah sini makan aja!” bingo!

“lu belom makan?” i asked him.
“iya, belom makan dari pagi.”
“parah si.”
“lu?” he asked the same thing.
“kok ngga makan?” cie elah nathan. the same nathan that rejected me last year and became awkward, but now?
“gak laper, gua udah bilang kan tadi?”
“mang, satu aja ya.” yes, of course i won’t eat. i only bought iced tea.
then he recieved the plate from mang udin and fed the first spoon to me. sedeng.
“ih gua udah bilang gua ga laper!”
“makan, seriusan.”
“lu ga laper emang?”
“buat lu aja, gua ga laper.”
“ah, bohong.”
so i took the spoon from his hand and fed him instead.
“enak, kan?”
“enak lah, belom gua suruh udah nyuapin.”
“sialan lo!” bisa aja emang si nathaniel tedjokusuma bin heri tedjokusuma
“jadi kita berbagi ketoprak, nih?” he smiled cutely, making me nuts.
“gak, lu aja. gua kenyang.”
“udah gapapa, makan aja..”
“ceritanya lu mau nraktir gua tapi gak ada duit, makanya berdua?”
“iya haha sedih banget ya?” haha :’)
i laughed too and we kept eating.


the next day at school, everyone was shocked. unbelievable, the merch team posted it. all of it! damn.

“nathan!!! liat deh liat!!” rasyid shoved his handphone at nathan’s perfectly shaped face. “sejak kapan lu nge-model buat sekolah!?” nathan then answered, followed with an “anjay..” and “mantap jiwa” from the other students of XI-IPA-G. 

“tapi, model lu…” ucok smiled widely. “ini…  nana kan?” he double-checked, didn’t want to think they photoshopped me with the masterpiece that everyone loves but can never get. 

“iya, itu nana. namitha resawati kelas XI-IPA-G.”

no one really believed he’s the ambassador of our school’s new clothing line, especially that he’s doing this with me. the namitha “nana” resawati that no one knows. 

the “nana” that happens to share the same nickname as nabila “nana” andriani from XI-IPA-C and natasha “nana” rashifa from XI-IPA-I also nadira “nana” melinda from XI-IPS-A. well, i tried to change my nickname to “mitha” or “nami” but i guess everyone thinks “nana” is easier. well not for me. 

“weh, selamat ya, nat. kapan-kapan pajak jadiannya boleh nih,” aldo ikutan. “heh! gak ada pajak-pajakan!” nathan menjawab, galak. 

and that’s it. 

well, since they tagged me, i kept on getting new followers saying “kakak cantik banget😍😍” and “oh ini nih model hitz di infinity merch?” juga “kakak udah berapa lama pacaran sama kak nathan?” woi ಠ_ಠ 

udah, deh udah. 

semua itu hanya f i k s i. ya kan? 


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