Re-book : Antologi Rasa


sumpah gua bingung.
yooo i’m back with another book review and this time it’s (well ya guessed it,) another ika natassa novel, antologi rasa.

a/n : sorry for the inconsistent use of language, taking note that this novel is bilingual lol
first things first, i read the synopsis and yeah it was okay, sure colleagues and besties. then i read the first page and i was confused. there were two people, i saw a “ris” and “key” and until i reached the next two or three pages i thought “ris” was “arisa” or a girls name, and “key”…? what? key from SHINee? /slap
but then i found out that it was harris and keara (then later finding out that harris’ last name is risjad and keara a.k.a key’s last name is tedjo… blablabla tedjokusuma or tedjo apa gitu) (that aint so important but i kinda like the details and how the author also added their last names lol)

sebenarnya gua juga heran kenapa buku beginian ada di perpus sekolah gua – note: gua ini masih 16,5 tahun menuju 17 dimana gua harusnya udah legal? tapi kenyataannya otak gua sudah tidak suci lagi yahaha makasih banyak internet dan novel ‘underground’, BUT ‘antologi rasa’ is. wow. so. ಠ_ಠ
ga ketebak woi isinya kayak begitu heheheh gua baca sinopsis kan ah biasa begitu baca wow let the swear words flow, sis. i just, i can’t.

it’s just mainly about harris risjad liking his best friend keara tedjoblablabla and she likes her best friend ruly walantaga and he likes his best friend denise (something?)
and well, that denise is already married lol
it’s a never ending circle.
but the twist is when harris and key goes to singapore to watch F1 but get super drunk and key ends up sleeping with harris HAHAHAh ASLI gua sepanjang novel nyengir-nyengir terus (astaghfirullah gak sepantasnya saya membaca ini) ga nyangka tapi woi WOI it’s your fault lol why get drunk, you’d know the consequences!
then key never speaks to harris again (huhu poor harris) and she obviously still loves her precious ruly walantaga omg buuuut in the middle of the story, she goes to dinda’s – her friend – house and gets interested in panca’s – dinda’s hubby – brother. his name is panji wardhana. and they’re just flirting, right? but lol panji ended up falling in love awch but ofc key still chose ruly in the end hahay
btw i loved when ruly and key went on this “business trip” to bali and ruly kinda fell for key, and saw some sides that he has never seen of her. BUT STILL he still can’t move on from denise wow WOW i just. wow. DENISE UDAH NIKAH ಠ_ಠ yaudah woi susah sih move on

udah intinya gua ga se-semangat pas kelarin trilogi bumi-bulan-matahari (stay tuned for ‘bintang’, it’s coming out on june!!!!!! yay), soalnya gua nyante-nyante gitu ye (libur seminggu gitu, tugas gua bodo amat dan gua baca juga mager gila) dan yaaaa kelar juga sih setelah gua paksain kelar
tengah-tengah lah yang paling gua suka pas ruly x key TAPI endingnya sumpah apaan si biasa aja
padahal emang namanya juga resolusi? apa sih ya kayak penyelesaian masalah but lol itu like turun ke rock bottom, yaudah. ekspektasi gua tinggi like? idk? ruly finally says he likes key? or key moves on and goes with harris cos she’s pregnant? idk do something??? tapi ya kayanya antologi rasa gaada pt.2 nya

btw gua suka sih berhubung yang gua baca itu ‘illustrated ver’ (and ika surprisingly illustrated it herself wow) that was another plus for me

so, the final score is……. 5/10. so-so. it did thrill me but it was kind of a bore too.

dan gua pingin baca ‘critical eleven’, just out of my curiosity (not that i’m a fan of ika’s works, lol even though i write in bahasa and english ini bingungin woi wkwkwk dan ya she’s an adult (like how there are words like MILF, win-win solution, and so many rich brands?) that’s why she wrote all this and i’m just shocked that i’m reading)
gua harap ‘critical eleven’ ga se-bosen-in? ini. hehehe

yak udah ya gua capek
besok senin
yak mantaps


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