i usually post a ton of stuff when i’m totally in the mood, and well, i am.


fate. i believe in fate and how god has planned each and everything that we do in our lives. it’s unpredictable and surprising but sometimes really annoying but can also make us feel assured.

in this case, i feel so SO tired.


case 1 : maths.
i’ve liked maths when i was in primary school but when i entered junior high i was like “ok what is maths?” HAHAHA no joke though, i’m telling the truth.
in this case, we had a maths test and the test material is about geometry transformation. no, it’s not hard. it’s not supposed to be. i understood everything that my teacher taught, i just didn’t write notes like i used to lol i borrowed my friend’s. i also recieved the question sheet and did every question without a problem, except 2 questions (and well, i got those two wrong wow what a surprise). then it hit me. OH GOD. i did the opposite of everything. like, i just realized when my teacher explained about the last question. and i was like, wait. that’s how? i-i thought that- oh god no. then after the test, at that point i seriously didn’t care anymore. my teacher kept on talking about derivatives and that we’re having that said test next week. damn.
i’m so going to get a bad score. i know how to answer, i seriously know how but i mixed up ‘x’ and ‘y’ OH GOD WHY

case 2 : my phone.
i really think it’s the dumbest case out of all, but please let me tell you. so, i went to the toilet and i brought my phone with me. i put my phone in my skirt’s pocket. but when i went into the toilet, i put my phone on top of the window’s ventilation (it’s kinda like shelves, and i put it on the very bottom shelf). then after doing my business and just kinda spacing out like i usually do, i went out of the toilet and went back to my class. and then i remembered that i left my phone at the toilet. like, tbh, i haven’t done this once. i’ve done this so many times but fortunately i remembered to check before and well, no one took my phone before so this is really strange. and it’s also my fault for even putting it there like i should have just left it at my desk hhhhh gimana sih nad elah
but like i can’t really do anything now wow i can still open LINE on my laptop but duh??
i need my phone lol whatever i guess it’s god’s way to make me take a break from my phone. wow

case 3 : geography.
at first i honestly did care. i freaking sacrificed japanese for this, since i actually thought of taking environmental studies or planology. but now, i just realized that we get so. many. ASSIGNMENTS. like, it’s still humane but it’s just so not worth it.
last week i had a dispensation but still cared so i went to class and asked if there was a task from the teacher, and of course i did it. (even though i copied it from a friend lol) (and i got a 50 lol the multiple choice had a lot of mistakes)
i’m usually sad if i get bad scores but at this point, i just don’t care. sure, i got a 50. whatever lol i seriously can’t care more. i was already pissed off by my phone’s sudden disappearance.

case 4 : kartinian?
so the kartinian form is with me, duh i’m the secretary. and well after struggling so damn hard, it’s finally filled in. despite the fact that one of my friend suddenly cancelled and i needed to find someone to replace him wow. i also went to the technical meeting which was like 20% participants and 80% organizers. lol banyakan panitia gila
at that point i just sacrificed myself. i didn’t want to either, but no one freaking wants to. like, just look at my class.
just. look. you’d know by just looking.

case 5 : rain.
don’t get me wrong, i love rain. i love the smell of it (i believe the term is petrichor)
but today i got kinda soaked. it was kind of useless that the ojek used a raincoat cos honestly the raincoat didn’t cover me up completely (the sides of my body still got wet; my arms and legs) so yeah.
on the bright side, the library’s novel was safe and sound behind my scarf wow

so yeah

i just really hope i get my phone back, somehow

i feel ill but i hope i go to school tomorrow, aamiin



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