Miracle May Playlist

i love that it’s already may wow good luck for the end term test nad AHAH



(whispers may 29th)


the theme is kinda an oldies playlist? but also a few new songs as usual!
(i really have NO idea but i needed a new post i just love writing lol)

  1. arctic monkeys – i bet that you look good on the dancefloor
    this song is the best song EVER just saying. it’s got that vibe not many songs have that can make you wanna rock out to it all day. pls stan arctic monkeys.
  2. queen – don’t stop me now
    i just love legendary songs, don’t you? i listened to foxes’ version of this song but i honestly love the original more. and i’m definitely not on ecstasy.
  3. avril lavigne – keep holding on
    asli bikin baper FFHHGHGHGHGHffff but highly recommended for you guys pls listen to old songs hehehe they’re freaking worth it. especially avril gOD bless her
    how does she write so relatable songs!!!!?
  4. dj snake (ft. bipolar sunshine) – middle
    believe it or not, this song is actually still super catchy lol. don’t know if this song counts as old but it’s from last year yeah 1 year is already old enough.
  5. justin bieber – company
    (can’t believe i have his song on one of my playlists, but oh well) (tbh sumpaaah enak gila enak emang jb ga pernah ngecewain)
    like many people hate jb for his personality and apperance but i’m not lying his voice is gold
  6. april nhem (ft. pat rosal) – paris
    tbh idk how i found this (perhaps on a fashion vlogger’s vid) aND I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE pls pls listen to the guitar like bbrruhhh how
    (i’m not good on the guitar myself and i tried but. how!!)
    it’s just so captivating. especially the piano part like every part of it is beautiful.
    it’s easy-going and just so bubbly. (p.s : kinda sensual though?)
  7. GD & T.O.P – don’t go home
    finally. a k-pop song. duh hahah playlist gua gak akan komplit tanpa k-pop, guys.
    and yeah about being old…this song is already 7 years old HAHAHAH hebat hebat (see dat pun tho haha lagu ini di poin ke-7 loh)
    it’s got this funky 70’s vibe(?) that just gets me every time!
  8. taeyeon (ft. DEAN) – starlight
    i honestly like ‘D (half moon)’ the most out of all of DEAN’s songs, but this. THIS.
    it’s cute (watch the m/v!!!!) and the song is just so fun to sing to. it kinda has a oldies vibe but still maintains the modern part of the song. and it’s bubbly! (why do i keep saying bubbly?)
  9. ZIGAZ – sahabat jadi cinta
    bodo amat gila lagu jaman kapan AHAHAHHA tapi sumpah enak
    sayangnya waktunya gak tepat ya nad AHAHAHAH udah gak suka lagi ya hm
    telat lo telat
    (meski telat emang nih lagu tetap terbaik)
  10. armada – cinta itu buta
    (cintaaaa ituuuu butaaaa)
    emang iya. emang ini lagu WOW udah fix best 2k17 and forever
    lagu ini ngajarin kalau cinta tuh buta (ga deng??)
    ngajarin kalo cinta tuh bukan dari luar aja tapi semuanya. bener kan?
  11. heatstroke – calvin harris (ft. young thug, pharrell williams, ariana grande)
    woi enak
    like i heard this on prambors and I WAS dude. DUUUUUDE
    tbh i thought the rap part was will.i.am like that’s legit his style of rapping/singing. the beat has a black eyed peas vibe lol I WAS so shocked when i knew it wasn’t him.
    but ariana’s voice tho yes slay queeeen<3
    i read the lyrics on genius.com but lol it didn’t make sense much. wasn’t the song about doing s…..
    never mind
    just listen lol
    i listen songs for the rhythm and beat, i really hate that most western songs have crappy and useless lyrics about love, drugs, and bla bla bla BUT they’re so catchy hm
  12. smallest light – ingrid michaelson
  13. this. it’s one of the OSTs of a film i recently watched : the space between us, featuring my babe, asa butterfield❤
    i feel that this song is simple yet tells us a strong message about the power and ability of left out people and the minority that can definitely outshine the others. perfect!

yah udah dah heheheheheh that’s it for this month’s playlist!
stay tuned for next month’s playlist!


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