Jolly June Playlist

i don’t feel that way but at least i have a few tracks to lighten up life.

1. SURAN (ft. DEAN) – 1+1 = 0
when i first saw the trailer i instantly catched the funky vibe. i wasn’t disappointed at all when the m/v came out (i didn’t watch the whole thing, but i heard the full song). 8/10!

2. SURAN (ft. Changmo) – WINE (Prod. SUGA)
not only am i proud cos mY GENIUS MIN YOONGI PRODUCED THIS buuuut suran’s voice is so soft unchh. so recommended for u broken hearted people </3

3. Loco (ft. DEAN) – Too Much
i literally just discovered this today. AND i fell so HARD for DEAN’s vocals (like always) but BRUH the beat is just so irresistable. yyyyAAASSSS

4. Loco (ft. Hoody) – DA DA DA
speaking about loco.. my sis told me about this and i was like. DUDE. where do you find songs like this!? it has this layback vibe, just to chill. but compared to ‘too much’, i’d pick ‘too much’ over ‘DA DA DA’

5. IU – palette
i honestly don’t know why my feel for this month and the end of may was mainly k-music, cos tbh i try to explore many genres. anywaaaay IU came back with a subtle touch. she’s 25 and mature now so yeah that pretty much explains this song.

6. IU – ending scene
I LOOOOOVE this. out of all songs in ‘palette’ THIS IS THE MOST EMOTIONAL. idk why i’m writing in caps. it really sounds like a k-drama OST, and i usually don’t fancy OSTs that are sobby and mellow like this BUT i love this. so. MUCH. 9/10.

7. ASTRO – Baby
so. I DIDN’T TELL YET but i’m an aroha now (HEHEHEHEH). (not really tho)
i was kinda observing astro since their debut and at first i wasn’t so interested but when they JUST came back with ‘baby’. dude.
especially the part when i watched the m/v and was like “DUUUDE who’s the one in navy blue??” COS ROCKY THOOOO. i knew the maknae was a ’00 liner WOW we’re the same age. okay.
i may nor may not become an aroha cos being an A.R.M.Y and monbebe is tiring enough lol bai

8. SISTAR – Lonely
SISTAR DISBANDED :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( that’s it yea this song is the bomb

9. SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry
i’m not a carat anymore (sad to say), anyway i still follow them. and tbh THEY WON 3RD WIN I HEARD THAT WOW they really deserve it. their choreo is ON POINT and yeah i was kinda underwhelmed cos the song is basically just “ulgo shipji anha” like i only remembered THAT part idk. but yea i still love seventeen so much

10. G-Dragon – Untitled, 2014
(it actually has a korean title but smh i have no interest to copy and paste it LOL)
yes i was kinda meh when i first listened but as i read the translations i was like DUDE. HOW IS THIS 10/10 RELATABLE. (cos tbh gd really makes my love life seem MORE miserable with those lyrics) (idk tho they’re absolutely true in so many ways)

11. Jussie Smollett (ft. Yazz) – You’re So Beautiful
thisssss issssss theeeee bombbbbb
i miss watching empire HAHAHAH

12. Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan – There For You
now, i’ve always been a troye sivan fan so when he told us that he was coming back I FREAKED OUT and yes this song does not disappoint. 10/10.

13. The Neighbourhood – Let It Go
idk how i found this, but i know ‘sweater weather’. i tried out this song and i agreed that all the nbhd songs were this lit omgggg leggo

14. FLOWER – Sun and Sunflower
this is in fact japanese. yea i found out from my sister – from a jungkook vid on instagram. but yes this song is so good despite the fact that i hardly find any japanese songs that i like. i like this song better in nightcore ver, just search. seriously.

and that’s it for this month’s playlist! yay!

ok bye


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