Jealous July Playlost

a/n ; yeah its a typo. i freaking meant it tho IM LOST BYE
(but before we start….STAN PENTAGON)

(yes gua liburan gabut PARAH dan sekarang gua berhasil jadi universe yeeee. probably an aroha but hm not so much)

i also don’t have a pic of all of them but just my biases lol yass (yuto x kino = yuki) such qt pies omg stahp (just a reminder that they’re cute together but individually OH GOD they’re hot🔥🔥🔥)

1. pentagon – gorilla

2. pentagon – can you feel it?

3. pentagon – pretty

4. pentagon – critical beauty

yes the top 4 are their songs. YES im addicted, help.

5. boA & mad clown – oneul bam (this night)

6. kassy – good morning

7. bts – 24/7=heaven

8. monsta x – shine forever (THEY JUST CAME BACK YAAAAY BABES)

9. monsta x – gravity

10. nct 127 – cherry bomb

11. day6 – hello, hi

12. bruno mars – voices in my head (i guess this is the only western song here lol)

that’s it!!! stay tuned for the next playlost i meant playlist (i have no idea what part of this list is jealous lol)


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