You can call me ‘Kana’, but my real name is Nadia.
I’m a 16,5 year old sleepy head with many ups and downs in life.
You’d probably ask why you found my blog and well…. congrats (claps). Nothing here is useful for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to read a bit, right?

You’re also probably wondering why my blog URL is “shigantoki”. So, 시간 (shigan) and 時 (toki) both mean time respectively in Korean and Japanese. Shigantoki basically means time & time, cos I use this blog to use up my free time and try to get better at writing articles and stories. I also need to use my time well since I haven’t had a good schedule since high school. And I just kinda like the name “shigantoki”,  idk why. It’s got that Japanese vibe lol (weeaboo much?)

Some trivial facts;
-my blood type is O,
-my birthday is on September 21st (apparently sharing the same birthday as EXO’s Chen, Twice’s Nayeon, Rich Chigga, Jason Derulo, Wale, and Stephen King. Wow)
-I’m 1/4 Padangnese and 3/4 Javanese. (but I can’t speak bahasa Padang or bahasa Jawa)
-I have tons of beauty spots (mainly on my face, I have like one on my cheek, chin, and near my eyelid)
-my favourite food are fried eggs, white chocolate and jackfruit
-my favourite drinks are tea (any tea, but I don’t quite fancy green tea), grape/mango flavoured drinks (juice, smoothies, etc.), anything iced lol
-my favourite colours are pink, black, blue, and purple

I love reading and writing stories.
Also drawing.
I can also sing a bit hehehhehhhehehehHEHEHEEHHE (pls check out my soundcloud thx)
I learned how to edit videos using iMovie & Adobe Premiere Pro, also how to edit photos with Photoshop by myself. (i have a youtube acc but i haven’t uploaded anything)

I used to be chubby and had a bowl-cut like Dora the Explorer. (well i did have eyebrow-height bangs but in this pic i don’t lol)
(randomly inserts nadia_the_explorer.jpg)
I never really thought about my body until I reached the 9th grade and realized how “fat” I was. Since then I tried to take care of myself more but I just can’t. lol

I’m also an INFJ-T. (i’m not gonna explain, search for it yourselves ok)
Naturally, I am an introvert but I somehow changed drastically since I entered high school

Well that’s it for the About page.
Can’t wait to see you in my other posts!

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